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Album: "Hypertrace" (1988)


1. Warp 7

(Lyrics by Michael Knoblich)

When I started on this mission
There was no starlight
Now the rays are blazing in my face
I'm the spearhead of the team
That's waiting at my base
For the control of that distant ball

Roaring high on a silver streak
I know the task switching deflectors to ON

Like an eagle I descend
My intention is to scan
The whole success depends on my research
Data junction must be complete
I'm waiting for the right to send my creatures
Into universe

Roaring high on a silver streak
Thundering again

Warp Seven - a human body would have been torn
Warp Seven - a million times gale force ten

Warp Seven!!!

I'm the bird of prey!

Still it feels like home, still I am a son
But I can't return though I'm the chosen one
If I touched the ground I'd lose all my might
Better enter space and dive into the sky

Roaring high on Warp Seven!



2. Terrion

(Lyrics by Michael Knoblich)

I see a time
A time without hatred and riots
Sunrising cities where people can live without fear
This is why we have come right from the stars
Searching for answers that show
To stay alive
Listen, now we make you see
How you can survive

So we told
It's a place called Terrion
In a time of love and freedom
Such a place that we call Terrion
Can be real when mission is done

There's a price for the world that we told
You must climb over the wall of hate
It is so hard to keep your anger down
Answer yourselves it will show, show the way
To stay alive
Listen so that you can see
How you will survive

It takes years for this world to unfold
You've gotta reach for the stars shining bright
Stand aside and lead the way
We must be sure that you find, find a way
To stay alive
Tell it so that we can hear
How you will survive



3. Locked Out

(Lyrics by Michael Knoblich)

It's so serious
They destroyed all of us
All my comrades they have gone
I'll endure the pain
This hate I cannot tame
Sole survivor alone in space

I was changed to kill the enemy
But they launched me into space

Locked out - five lonesome years
Locked out - they don't know that I'm still here
Locked out - for 2000 days
Locked out - so much time to pray

Hear, our fate is just like yours
It's restrained by doubtful cures
We will help you to be free
To return and make them see

I deliberate
How I can infiltrate
All my vengeance must come true
No steel barricades
Could save 'em from my rage
Whole desire born of hate

Now I'm set free from non-gravity
And I must no longer stay

Locked out - five lonesome years
Locked out - they don't know that I'm still here
Locked out - still I'm alive
Locked out - so much time to build up my hate



4. Across The Universe

(Lyrics by Michael Knoblich)

code - P.E.C. - codeword admittance
access to all data concerning planet earth control
first step of P.E.C. consists of testing android
prototypes at different stages of 20th century
39 spain - resistance
44 france - allied forces
54 korea - U.S. marines
79 afghanistan - mujaheddin
81 falkland islands - cruise missile unit

end of printout -

Dark was the night right out of nowhere
Airborne warriors of a different kind
Solid as steel, galactic soldiers
Take the world in their hands

Thousand light years we had overcome
Across the universe
It's a long way to the landing ground
The mission gets real

Human appearance electric inside
Solar batteries and a microchip brain
Android angels on wings of laser
Taking life in their hands

Thousand light years we had overcome
Across the universe
It's along way to the landing ground
The mission gets real

Life! Light! Life! Let us out on the loose
Hide! Hide! Among the living
Life! Light! Life! Curing mankind's disease
Ride! Rid! Far away

Thousand light years we had overcome
Across the universe
It's along way to the landing ground
The mission gets real



5. R.M.U.

(Lyrics by Michael Knoblich)

We have come, we travelled space through the galaxies
From a place that's named Galactos
Led by R.M.U.
Behind our back the unseen focus all-electric fate
Avoiding warfare's deadly tactics
Rescue infantry we act superior

Like a hawk in the sky - programmed to trace (we can watch ya)
Like a hawk in the sky - we zoom into ya
Like a hawk in the sky - invisible strike (we can watch ya)
Like a hawk in the sky - we keep the balance, lead the way

Contradictions, rotten morality, did you ever learn?
Hypocrites and puny humans
If there's a judgment day you better pray
We observe each single movement, feel our presence everywhere
In your houses out in the streets
Perpetually we stare hidden from the sight

Stop the wars!
No need to be brave men!
Cease the fights!



6. Grapes Of Fear

(Lyrics by Michael Knoblich)

In the last days of the second world war
When human debris covered half of the blue ball it was difficult
To keep the military alternative weapon
From the public and hide the shame from the father's eyes
They always knew that things would turn negatively
And precautions were secretly taken by the ministry

Seven mighty juggernauts
Out of control loss of reason
Manipulated DNA
Who's guilty of decay
Time runs out to wipe the dirt
Look for a primer to blur
Fourteen eyes behind armoured glass
Staring full of hate, look at the grapes of fear

No one here goes anywhere
Never reveal it, better conceal it
Take the files and make trash
A situation of despair
Somebody has got to calm the crowds
They conceive it, the press can feel it
They won't feel what's happening to them
Nation's faithful servants come undone mellow grapes of fear

The staff is quiet, the poison's out
The sky is lit up by the flames of those
Who died in nowhere's distant space
another menace lies ahead
Rumble! "Open the door!";
Screaming! "I've seen it";
Staring eyes search the blackened sky
Faces pale and white
They don't know one victim has survived
Fate longs for revenge, oh earth beware - don't pick the grapes
of fear



7. Retaliation Positive

(Lyrics by Michael Knoblich)

Sirs, now that you've saved me, I think I must explain
I am mankind's dreadful legacy
Inheritance of those who fear

And you, who look so strange, it seems you go the might
So reinforce my iron hull
And help me to return

DO YOU KNOW - I was left alone
Hate kills - it's deep down in my bones
Think hard - wish I was dead
Hate kills - please tell me why I'm bad

Hate kills Hate - Hate kills Hate

I always took the wrong way, when I made my choice
Invincible body, destructive mind, decisions of a god-damned fool

I - I lived a life of criminal desire
I - was a tool in fate's cold grip

Break the wall - but there's still so much pain
Leave your hell - so many times I've tried

AND NOW YOU KNOW - too late to turn
Hate kills - still my bowels burn
Think hard - can't go ahead
Hate kills - a chance to start again

Hat kills Hate - Hate kills Hate

Break the wall - you did wipe off the pain
Leave your hell - you did boost me up

AND NOW YOU KNOW - no longer alone
Hate kills - feel like made of stone
Think hard - I strike out the past
Hate kills - but how long will it last?

Hate kills - Hate



8. The Killing Fields

(Lyrics by Michael Knoblich)

They are soldiers too blind too see
Fighting for their own damnation
See the honour and pride in their chests
Targets feeding guns
There's too much hate to hear the warning
On killing fields where nobody wins

No denying they are the strongest
Blowing out their mother country
Independence - What is the value?
What has made them pay the price?
It's much too late to hear the warning
On killing fields where nobody wins

All men of steel and hearts of ivory
See the comrades side by side
Under fire seems like eternity
A game, sinister
The souls are sold where is the ecstasy?
Where are the bold? Times change
Is there a need for all the wasted youth?
They call it war!

The souls are bold, a newfound ecstasy
The guns are sold, values change
The sirens howl a short infinity
The airforce whispers
The war was cold, now it has turned to flames
Nobody knows the reason why
Is there a need for all this wasted life
There must be more!!

They never wait to hear the warning
On killing fields where nobody wins

There's a fight on the hill
Even time is standing still
But they never will know the score

(War is just a game of tools
Still it's the same, still it's the same
War is made by leading fools
Nothing remains, nothing remains)



9. Wizard Force

(Lyrics by Michael Knoblich)

Eternal life man's all time desire
This time I feel like a winner
I don't cling to the past the bad times have gone
Bound by the spell of the wise
My heart is full of energy
Cured by holy mystery

I've got the might to trace all evil
In every shadow it hides
Balance of power my aim has come clear
Salvation from stars is in sight
My heart is full of energy
Cured of holy mystery
One day I'll be back

Bound by the spell of wizard gods
They turned the bad into good
Won't die powered by wizard force
They changed my life and my mind

Planet of rock never known it before
A real that will be top secret
The only guarantee for man to survive
A headquarter of destiny
My heart is full of energy
Cured by holy mystery
One day I'll be back
I never knew it before



10. Galactos

(Lyrics by Michael Knoblich)

There is no night there is no day
A dusty land where each light drifts away
Giant rocks among the stars
Many lightyears behind mars

Below the cover high platimun walls
Blinding steel everywhere

A secret place pure mechanic life
The only way out on the assembly line
Flashing numbers on LCD
Tell production to increase

There will be legions of android men
Obedient to the scanner's voice
One day he will have them under his thumb
Synthetic tools which never fail

No light Galactos No life

Down in the core of the machinery
The aces wait for day-zero to come
Five superior droids lie
And expansion is their goal

The quintet's built of titanium steel
Constructed by the master's hand
One day he will send them down to earth
To give the future another chance

No light Galactos No life



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