photo Efthimios Ioannidis


Efthimios Ioannidis

photo credit: Jörg Schnebele



photo Axel Julius


Axel A.J. Julius

guitars (founder member of SCANNER)
photo credit: Jörg Schnebele



photo Jörn Bettentrup


Jörn Bettentrup


photo credit: Jörg Schnebele



photo Sascha Kurpanek


Sascha Kurpanek


photo credit: Jörg Schnebele



photo Dominik Rothe


Dominik Rothe


photo credit: Jörg Schnebele




SCANNER evolved from the band LIONS BREED (album "DAMN THE NIGHT", Earthshaker Label/Mausoleum Records) in 1986. Their line up at that time consistedof Michael Knoblich (vocals), Tom S. Sopha (guitar), Axel A.J. Julius (guitar), Martin Bork (bass) and Wolfgang Kolorz (drums).




SCANNER's concept albums based off of the fascinating science fiction story of the same-named fictional figure. Axel A.J. Julius, studying astronomy at this time, and Michael Knoblich, a passionatemodel builder, were big fans of SF when they invented the figure of the SCANNER back in 1987.


Birth of a SCANNER android ....whatsoever Wölfi had done with his finger a second before ;-)


This character was to illustrate the main focus of the band: Science-Fiction, fight against war and warmongering, political structures with view of the current problems of development and peace policy and the historical, human development in this context.



In 1988 SCANNER went on to sign with Noise Records, releasing their debut record "HYPERTRACE", which was produced by ELOY's vocalist Frank Bornemann. At the time, frontman Michael (M.A.J.O.R.) Knoblich's voice was definitely one of power metal's most impressive. Backing vocal duties were handled by PRIMAL FEAR's very own Ralph Scheepers.
SCANNER's 1988 debut record "HYPERTRACE" has gained cult status over the years.


Cover "HYPERTRACE", SCANNER album 1988, cover artwork: Joachim Luetke



1989 saw the release of SCANNER's second record "TERMINAL EARTH" (Noise Records), featuring lead vocals by S.L. Coe, formerly of ANGEL DUST. Following Coe's departure from the band in 1993, bandleader Axel A.J. Julius put together a new line up.

SCANNER subsequently released their third effort "MENTAL RESERVATION" in 1995 through Massacre Records and JVC Victor Entertainment (Japan) respectively. Haridon Lee provided vocals, with John A.B.C. Smith handling bass duties and D.D. Bucco taking the seat behind the drums. Shortly after release of the record Marc Simon replaced Smith an bass.

"BALL OF THE DAMNED", the fourth SCANNER record, followed one year later in 1996.
Usually performing original material exclusively, the band decided to do a cover version of QUEEN's classic "INNUENDO" - the first and only cover in the history of the band.
Ralph Scheepers made another guest appearance on vocals on "PUPPET ON A STRING".
The band headed out on a headliner tour through Europe to promote the new record, subsequently also playing shows with FATES WARNING and OMEN. In the summer of 1997 SCANNER went on to perform at Wacken Open Air.






"SCANTROPOLIS", SCANNER's fifth record, was released in 2002 through Massacre Records.
The band's line up at the time consisted of vocalist Lisa Croft, guitarists Axel A.J. Julius and Thilo Zaun, Marc Simon on bass, Johannes Brunn on keyboards and Jan Zimmer (LUXUSLÄRM) on drums.
Another first in SCANNER's career, the band set German poet Bertolt Brecht's "ENGEL BRECHTS" to music.
This would be the only exception to their otherwise exclusively english lyrics.
"SCANTROPOLIS" is quite an unusual SCANNER record. However, there are SCANNER fans that insist it is the band's best effort of all. Bandleader and guitarist Axel A.J. Julius looks back on "SCANTROPOLIS" as a one-off experiment. He recently mentioned in a number of interviews that SCANNER's current members have little relation to "SCANTROPOLIS" and the (unreleased) material of that era.

SCANNER returned to its roots ...and in 2015 the band released its sixth studio album through Massacre Records, finally featuring vocalist Efthimios Ioannidis, who has been handling lead vocals since 2002.
"THE JUDGEMENT" picked up where "HYPERTRACE" left off.
Some reviewers even went so far as to call "THE JUDGEMENT" the strongest release by the band.


Cover "THE JUDGEMENT", SCANNER album 2015, cover artwork by Anestis Goudas


SCANNER, poster 2015, photo credit & artwork by Ursula Deja, background artwork by Anestis Goudas


In 2017, "THE GALACTOS TAPES" Best of SCANNER celebrates the band's 30th anniversary.


Cover "THE GALACTOS TAPES - BEST OF", SCANNER 2017, cover artwork by Ursula Deja



SCANNER 2018, photo credit by Helge Dirk Raschke





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