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Scanner line up 2018

photo credit: Helge Dirk Raschke /editing: Ursula Deja


Scanner Spped Powewr Metal Band


Scanner Spped Powewr Metal Band



December, 12th,  2019

New Line-up

Today we would like to announce that Stefan Weber (ex-AXXIS) completes our line-up again.

We give a warm welcome to Stefan as our new band member. Stefan had already helped out as a guitarist at our gig at the beginning of November in Munich and we all felt that “the chemistry was right”. We are very happy to welcome him to our inner circle. To a glorious, common future.

Photo: Rising Arts Photography


November, 5th,  2019

SCANNER joins new BOOKING AGENCY "LUCKY BOB"  (home of RAGE, NAZARETH, Hermann Frank, Joe Lynn Turner, REFUGE etc.)

 " LUCKY BOB MUSIC AGENCY is very happy to let you know that we welcome Ruhrpott's own power metal legends  SCANNER to our family! Best remembered for their unbelievable '88 debut album "Hypertrace" and their stunning  latest release "The Judgement", they are still speeding up more than a lot of current acts that claim to serve "Speed Metal". Stay tuned for more information and upcoming gigs! "

Lucky Bob


February, 15th, 2019

After more than 11 intensive years our guitarist Andreas Zeidler is leaving the band for personal reasons. We thank Andreas for his commitment and all the great and special moments we shared during this period . We respect his decision, while at the same time we regret his departure. We wish him the very best for his future. 


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15 June 2019 live at "Rock am Bahnwerk 2019" - Festival, Gelsenkirchen / Germany

Scanner RaB-FestivalGelsenskirchen

photo credit / editing: Ursula Deja
For tickets please, send an email to: aj@scanner4u.de
More info on web site Festival "Rock am Bahnwerk 2019"



26 October 2019 live in Munich / Germany!


Scanner Munich

Tickets here!
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latest release:

"THE GALACTOS TAPES" - Best-Of - August 2017

Link - The Galactos Tapes - Official Page

It is a cross section of 30 SCANNER years. On the one hand this is a standard best of album. But on the other hand this is a very special studio project will come up with a whole bunch of re-recordings of songs from 1988 to 2015. In imagery it we tell you the gripping story of our figure Scanner on his planet Galactos. 2 CDs released as digipak.


latest album:




the story:

the figure of the SCANNER

image figure SCANNER


SCANNERs cover and albums concepts often deal with SF because we created "THE SCANNER" as a SF character/figure.
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