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April 7th, 2017: BEST OF SCANNER album Release Date

SCANNERs "The Galactos Tapes" - Digipack" will be released on August, 25th, 2017


November 29th, 2016: BEST OF SCANNER album in 2017

Dear SCANNER friends and fans, it's our 30th anniversary coming.
We want to celebrate it with you with a special BEST OF SCANNER album in 2017 - "The GALACTOS TAPES"
Big thanx to all who have taken part in the polls for the song selection so far.
Those SCANNER fans, who want to be mentioned in the booklet by name and photo, can write this via email to Axel (aj@scanner4u.de) by saying: "check me in". The photo must be attached also. There will be a special fan page in the booklet. However, if someone has not named his favorite song yet, there is the last chance to nominate the song now. Beside this the BEST OF SCANNER will definitely be a special one.


photo by Jörg Müller of pit.de (Sword Brothers Crowd 2016)


September 9th, 2016: New album in 2017

Towards the ends of the year 2016 the concentrated phase of song-writing for the new album begins, the release of which is planned for 2017.


August 14th, 2016: INTERVIEW with Axel "A.J." Julius

Interview with Axel by Arto Lehtinen: Interview with Axel Julius on metal-rules.com



Pic SCANNER 2016

Axel A.J. Julius (guitars), Hanno Kerstan (drums), Efthimios Ioannidis (vocals), William Chapman (bass), Andreas Zeidler (guitars)



"HYPERTRACE" and "TERMINAL EARTH" rereleased 2016!

Re-Released 2016 by MASSACRE RECORDS - out on January 22nd!

The legendary first album "HYPERTRACE" (including the exclusive Bonus Track "GALACTOS")
the second album "TERMINAL EARTH"
now available as CD and will also be available as LTD. VINYL LP W/GATEFOLD COVER!

link onlineshop


NEW ALBUM 2015! "The Judgement"

New album "The Judgement", - release date January, 23rd, 2015 - ORDER NOW!

Cover Image The Judgement SCANNER Album 2015




Check out more of the latest album reviews and ratings for SCANNERs new album release:
"THE JUDGEMENT"  NEW Album 2015!






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